GALFAR ENGINEERING & CONTRACTING WLL EMIRATES is a 100% U.A.E. local company established in 1994. Since then, several projects have been executed for prestigious clients in UAE adhering to timely completion, high standard of safety and quality.
Galfar Emirates developed as one of the reliable premier EPC Contractor, acknowledged by a string of esteemed clients. Galfar Emirates history has been one of steady growth.
The performing logic of the company has been to bring together a range of activities, which through reciprocal inter-relation, would constitute a coherent and effective synergy capable of undertaking large projects involving a wide spectrum of construction disciplines. Galfar Emirates has the experience and expertise to undertake Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects that involves Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation disciplines.
Galfar Emirates has established itself as a reputed Company in the construction industry in UAE, thanks to its continuing commitment to Safety, Quality and environment standards. Our work force is guided by a team of highly experienced professionals who derive support from efficient and modern personnel management, materials procurement, project planning and data processing systems and a fleet of versatile equipment and vehicles.
Galfar Emirates explores every possible avenue to innovate Construction Management to accomplish its mission to serve the clients with high environment standard and confirmation on no damage to environment during construction activities.
The success of Galfar Emirates is poised upon its ability to win, manage and complete contracts profitably whilst, at the same time, satisfying each client requirements. The relentless pursuit of these objectives together with a total commitment to efficiency and environment protection are paramount to its continued success.
The Galfar Emirates corporate activity seeks to a win-win partnership, joint ventures and consortium with international companies in order to fulfill the role of an EPC contractor.
With outlook bright, aspirations high and our commitment to the corporate vision firm, we resolve to scale farther than ever before and succeed.

Sridhar Chinnasami

Chief Executive Officer