Project Name Client Location
Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Bu Hasa Shuaiba South Artificial (GAS) Lift Project - Phase I ADNOC Onshore UAE
Construction of Flowlines & Wellhead Installation of Typical Works in ADCO's Filed (Package ADNOC Onshore UAE
Seawater Facilities Expansion Project - Phase II ADNOC Onshore UAE
EPC for Thamama Zone B Project - Phase - 1 ADNOC Onshore UAE
Construction Works for Asab Full Field Development Project-Subcontract for RDSs/Well Tie-ins/Well Cluster MEI Works (PETROFAC GALFAR Subcontract) ADNOC Onshore UAE
EPC of Closed Drain System at Old RDS 1 - 5 at Bab ADNOC Onshore UAE
ADCO Bab Gas Compression Project-Subcontract for Civil Works (SKEC) Sub-Contract ADNOC Onshore UAE
Asab Thammama Zone A/B Gas Injection Pilot Project ADNOC Onshore UAE
EPC for Bab Gas Surface Facilities Modifications & Remedial Works ADNOC Onshore UAE
EPC of 131 Pig Launchers and Receivers across all ADCO Fields ADNOC Onshore UAE
Satah Full Field Development Project No. 7218 - EPC Works for Produced Water Treatment Plant Zakum Development Company (ZADCO), Abu Dhabi UAE
EPC for New WAG Wells & Conversion of Existing GAS Injectors Wells to WAG Wells at Sahil ADNOC Onshore UAE
Shuweihat Phase 2 Water Transmission System TRANSCO- Civil/Structural & Mechanical Works ABB & GALFAR CONSORTIUM - TRANSCO, Abu Dhabi UAE
Construction of Non-Process Buildings at Asab Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO), Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jump-Over between HMT & TFP Pipelines at KM 42 Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO) UAE
General Utilities Expansion Plant (GUP) Expansion Phase III Project Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER)/ ALSTOM G UAE
EPC for Bab Produced Water Re-Injection Project ADNOC Onshore UAE